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1w rgb animation laser light

Advantages of the 1W RGB Animation Laser Light

The 1W RGB Animation Laser Light is an innovative product who has numerous advantages, along with Knight's product disco lights laser. This Laser Light is brighter and most vibrant than traditional Laser Lights as it utilizes red, green, and blue Light to produce colors. This product is ideal for events, concerts, and more occasions since it produces an enjoyable and lively environment.

Innovation of the 1W RGB Animation Laser Light

This Laser Light is innovative as it has it is own features which other Laser Lights would not have, also the starry night laser manufactured by Knight. It features a touchscreen display, DMX control, and sound-activated mode. It possesses integral temperature control system, that means that the Laser does not overheat.

Why choose Knight 1w rgb animation laser light?

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