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Màn trình diễn ánh sáng laser nhiều màu 6 đầu 12w

The 6 head 12w multicolor laser light show is awesome and add a more effect to your celebrations.

Ưu điểm

Một trong những tính năng của máy chiếu ánh sáng laser ngoài trời tốt nhất manufactured by Knight is being able to create mesmerizing effect to captivate your audience. This light show is good for celebrations and events either birthday party, wedding, baby shower, or any other occasion you want to be special.

Why choose Knight 6 head 12w multicolor laser light show?

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Cách sử dụng chính xác

To work with laser light show, just plug it in, turn on the power, and press the remote control. You can adjust the settings of the đèn laser rave made by Knight, such as the colors and patterns of the lights, makes the perfect ambiance to the event.

Dịch vụ

Our company, Knight, is specialized in supplying the best possible service to the clients. We provide a full one-year warranty of all our đèn laser tiệc ngoài trời. Plus, our dedicated group of professionals is accessible to help with any concerns.

Chất lượng

The laser light show is made with the highest standards. The bữa tiệc laser made by Knight uses best materials to make sure that it delivers excellent performance. We offers our customers the most effective value it's why we stay with all satisfaction guarantee to the products.

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