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6 head 12w multicolor laser

Introducing the 6 Head 12w Multicolor Laser - A Revolutionary Innovation in Event Lighting

Are you searching for a lighting solution that will certainly create your event dazzle? Take a look at the Knight 6 head 12w multicolor laser. This state-of-the-art machine was designed to make all facets of one's event lighting stand. Let’s just take a closer look at what makes this system a very choice good your following event.

Features of The 6 Head 12w Multicolor Laser

On the list of significant features of this laser machine is it comes with 6 heads, each with a 12w multicolor output. This implies the flexibility is had by you to definitely affect the lighting colors into the fly, based on your preferences. By way of example, it is possible to switch to red and green if you wish to generate a festive atmosphere a holiday party.

An additional benefit of this laser is that it can be utilized for different applications. The Đèn laser 6 đầu 12w nhiều màu is tailored for you personally whether or not it’s a birthday party, wedding, or business occasion. Its adjustable brightness degree it ideal for different indoor and outdoor spaces.

Why choose Knight 6 head 12w multicolor laser?

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